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Marco Tosatti blogs : Dear readers of Stilum Curiae, our contributor “Martian Observer” was struck, amazed, and scandalized by the interview that Cardinal Maradiaga gave to  Repubblica. To everything you say, Martian Observer, I would like add only one observation of my own. Already in 2013 Pope Bergoglio decided – with a Motu Proprio – to do what we are talking about today: that is, to remove the Economic Section from the Secretariat of State. At that time he wanted to put it under the Secretariat for the Economy, headed by Pell. Why didn’t he do this? Why did he continually betray Cardinal Pell? This is what we would like to know. Pell was definitely competent and honest. Are we sure that it was really the best idea to put everything in the hands of APSA, which is overseen by Bishop Nunzio Galantino along with his assessor Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta, who has been criticized not only for his advances towards seminarians but also for issues of financial distress in his diocese prior to fleeing to the Vatican and is now on trial in Argentina? Isn’t it only a short time before we are going to have to write once more: “A new disappointment for the Pontiff?” Enjoy your reading.


Dear Tosatti, please allow me to submit a comment after reading the surprising, scandalous, and even ridiculous interview of Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga in today’s Repubblica on page 11.

Maradiaga says that the Pope is tired of people keeping “treasure chests” in the Vatican and “has wanted to reform finances for years.” (? – Oh yes, it’s so clear that he wanted this!)

When asked whether it is true that the Pope is isolated, Maradiaga responds “absolutely not, because he leads the Church in a collegial way, asking for opinions and then deciding.” (Is he joking?)

When asked if Bergoglio’s choices are dictated by his mood, Maradiaga answers, “Francis has great patience and mercy; he never acts based on instinct…but only after discernment.” (Incredible!)

When asked what he thinks about Pompeo coming to the Vatican, Maradiaga answers, “…He is seeking Trump’s re-election…not the interests of the American people.”

Then he adds, scandalously, “There is an anti-Francis network. The two men who make up this network are Steve Bannon and Carlo Maria Viganò. They want everything to stay just as it always was, [they have] a rigidity that is not good for the church.” (Ah no! Dear Oscar, this should not have been said…)

He concludes, referring to the (alleged) financial history of Becciu, explaining that the Pope asked the UN for the abolition of “tax havens.” (Again, is he joking? The only tax haven that is still in operation is controlled by him!).

In order to explain why I found this interview so scandalous, I would like to tell you two or three things about Maradiaga, the primate of Honduras, Archbishop of Tegucigalpa, who since 2013 has been the coordinator of the “Council of Cardinals” appointed by Bergoglio.

Oscar Maradiaga is, without a doubt, the most controversial Bergoglian cardinal.

His list of “merits” for this title begins with the accusations that he supported the military coup in 2009 with the excuse of avoiding civil war.

It continues with the accusations that he was involved in more financial scandals in 2012.

It continues uninterruptedly thanks to the denunciations of more scandals that he provoked, as related by the wife of the former Honduran Ambassador to the Holy See: “Money, business, investments…(including real estate in London).”

Others, including the ambassador’s wife, accused him of having covered-up for his right hand man Bishop Pineda for obscene behavior and abuse of his seminarians (Bergoglio subsequently dismissed Pineda).

In 2017 he was at the center of another financial scandal when it emerged that, while preaching about poverty and fighting injustice, he was receiving 35,000 euros per month (500,000 per year) from the University of Honduras. At the time L’Espresso wrote that the Pope wanted the truth and spoke of “traitors and profiteers in the church.”

So much so that it was thought that Maradiaga was finished…but no!

In 2018, this man who has been repeatedly covered-up and protected by the Pope went to all the newspapers denouncing Archbishop Viganò for his anti-Bergoglio behavior in exposing the McCarrick case.

In June 2019 our own Tosatti wrote an article at The Daily Compass in which he related that at the airport in Tegucigalpa Maradiaga was almost lynched by a population that is tired of his evil business.

And yet this man continues – while still holding all of his offices, money, and power – pontificating to Repubblica about what is right and wrong, who is good and evil, even explaining what is good for Americans, kissing up to Bergoglio in a disgusting way and telling us that Bergoglio himself asked the UN for the closure of tax havens.

But the UN did ask for them to be closed, including those within the financial structure of the Holy See, after the attack on the Twin Towers in 2001. And was it done?

Ladies and gentlemen, friends of Stilum Curiae, I hope this doesn’t happen to you earthlings, but if Pope Bergoglio continues on as pope for another 10 years, in 2030 we will still be reading in Repubblica that “Pope Bergoglio doesn’t stop, he does not retreat in pushing for reforms, even if he is obstructed by all of his betrayers and profiteers.” And still in 2030, Maradiaga, who by then will be 87, will say, “You, such a patient and merciful pope, did not deserve to be treated this way…”

And Rafael Brotero will be constrained to write for the next ten years: “Poor Holy Father, they cheated him this time too…”

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