From the Editor’s Desk, Michael J. Matt considers the good, bad and ugly fallout from Election 2020.

Here’s something: Why did JFK have to promise never to let the Vatican influence him as a Catholic president, while Joe Biden is vowing to let Francis do just that?

By the way, why does nobody mind anymore if a “Catholic” is elected president? Maybe it’s because the most radical politicians in America–from Pelosi and Newsome on the West Coast the Cuomo and Fauci on the East–are “Catholics”.

Next up, Michael takes a look at the weird George Soros’ 2018 prediction that Trump would “disappear” in 2020. Kind of makes you wonder what the old guy knew?

What will happen to America under a President Biden? Apart from nationwide lockdowns and mask mandates, will the Biden Administration succeed in handing US over to the NWO? Michael argues that it’ll be a long shot. Why? Because of Donald Trump and the most powerful populist movement in American history!

Finally, Michael discusses the Great Reset and the urgent need for all of us to use the next two months to set up communication infrastructure to stay in touch and to fight against what will surely be the worst and most embarrassing (and thus dangerous) president in American history.

Plus, hilarious video footage of Joe Biden pretending to be a Christian.


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