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Marco Tosatti blogs —   Dear readers of Stilum Curiae, Romana Vulneratus Curia (“RVC”) sent us the link to an interview from a Brazilian religious magazine, which he found very interesting, and so do we. The protagonist is Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the reigning Secretary of State. RVC drew inspiration from this interview to offer a series of considerations that in our opinion are very well said. Happy reading.


Dear Tosatti, I am attaching an interesting interview of the Secretary of State, Card. Parolin, which he gave to a Brazilian Jesuit magazine. I do not personally know Card. Parolin; they tell me he is an excellent diplomat, the best one in the Holy See. Perhaps in the interview he surpassed himself in diplomacy. Since many “conservatives” hope that maybe he will be the next pope, it is worth analyzing this long interview.

The interviewer, Carlo di Cicco, Vice-Director of L’Osservatore Romano, passes for being a licensed Catholic-Communist. They tell me that the former director Gian Maria Vian couldn’t stand him but lost the arm wrestling match. I do not want to make a long and detailed “between the lines” interpretation of the interview; I would only like to give an interpretative key for anyone who would like to read it – a “maieutic” reading key, offering the following questions to the readers of Stilum Curiae:

– What would you say about a potential future pope who declares the Pope Francis, in economics, wants to defend the “centrality of man,” when on many occasions he has reiterated that man is an avid predator of nature? And that Covid was produced by man, who has repeatedly outraged nature?

– What would you say about the potential pope who continues to say that Pope Francis wants to reaffirm the Social Doctrine of the Church, when the same pope has explained to us that the Church ought to “go out” and should not teach but rather learn? That it should not evangelize because all religions are equal, etc.? Which social doctrine of the Church is he talking about? The future one centered on ecological conversion? Will the new social doctrine explain that a central principle is defending nature from man who is the cancer of nature?

– What would you say about the potential pope who says that Laudato Si  is in continuity with Caritas in Veritate? (Reading this made me laugh – perhaps Parolin has not read and understood Caritas in Veritate?) Perhaps he does not think that there are Catholics who know how to read and understand and who have studied both Encyclicals?

– What would you say about the potential pope who speaks of “the centrality of man in the universal common good in a system of planetary interdependence”? Pfft! Do you see the same centrality of man interpreted (still for a little while) here by us and in China? China that is so dear to Parolin and Bergoglio? China which the Prefect of the Pontifical Academy of the Sciences, Sanchez Sorondo, says is the example of practical application of the social doctrine of the Church?

I conclude with a joke, just for a laugh. Recently I read a movie review of a film that will air tonight on a TV channel, a film from 2004: Timeline.

The subtitle of the film, which apparently synthesizes the story, says: “Imagine being in the Middle Ages and not being able to come back.” I said to myself: “Maybe!”

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