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Fr John Zuhlsdorf

Fr John Zuhlsdorf blogs : The battle we are in against COVID is spiritual battle, as well as physical.

This virus, once it escaped the lab, was purposely released into the world by the Chinese government to destabilize.

They knew that friendly organizers in these USA could also foment riots in the streets.

Moreover, I doubt not that the virus was itself cursed. Cursed tattoo ink can get into bodies, as we as foods. So too viruses.

We are fighting a battle on two fronts, material and spiritual. That’s why I call the disease “The Wuhan Devil”.

Today I said Holy Mass for the intention of President Trump and the First Lady. I also said Title XI, Ch. III and asked God to aim it at Walter Reed Military Medical Center to keep away demonic influence.

Today I saw at Western Journal that, after the announcement that Pres. Trump had the Wuhan Devil, horrid satanic things started up on Twitter against the President. The Western Journal article is visually… really really awful. Don’t even look. Trust me. The images they reposted are ghastly and evil. Here is the text…

Satanic Imagery, Curses Appear with Trump’s Tweet on COVID Diagnosis

By Andrew J. Sciascia

The public response to President Donald Trump’s positive COVID-19 diagnosis went a step beyond the malicious Friday morning, as strange accounts flooded the social media announcement with Satanic imagery and apparent curses.

Trump had taken to Twitter on Thursday evening to directly inform the nation that he and first lady Melania Trump had both contracted the coronavirus and would be quarantining at the White House, effective immediately.

“Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19,” Trump wrote.

“We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!”

It was only a few short minutes before the post was inevitably met by fringe left-wing aliases and public opponents of the president weighing in with all kinds of negative remarks.

Some users, however, took things well beyond the sarcastic remark or celebration of the diagnosis, directing foreign language curses and images of Satan toward the president in his sickness.

Seemingly the most common among those responses was a lyric verse or spell, traditionally written in the northwest Indian language of Punjabi.

“The dead are resurrected day and night without anyone knowing,” the users wrote, according to a translation made available by Twitter’s embedded Google Translate feature.

“Take refuge in the madness you are about to endure, or you will be drowned forever by its cold teeth, as it points out.”

Others broke the template, forwarding similar comments and curses in a variety of other languages publicly asking for the “Lord Satan” to empower them to “vanquish the enemies of our freedom and well-being!”

“This curse carries the power of a thousand witches you will never find peace or happiness you will be cursed for centuries,” one user wrote, attaching images that appeared to be of a voodoo puppet doll burning. “The ancestors of each witch will follow you until the end of time old man.”

“Lock your doors because I’m coming to eat ripe babies and feed your dead skin,” another user wrote in a post so sexually suggestive it could not be embedded below.

There were, of course, a great many traditionally malicious responses as well, with users making jokes at the first family’s expense, wishing the president ill and advocating a lack of sympathy in response to the administration’s public policy views on the virus.

Outpourings of support and prayer were not absent, however, as prominent establishment media personalities and political opponents of the administration wished the president and first lady a speedy recovery.

This is what we are ALL facing.

Churches are being attacked. They spray paint “Black Lives Matter” and also satanic symbols.

What these poor dupes of the primordial Liar don’t get is that their efforts are as so much fluff in the wind, chaff, in the sight of the Holy Angels.  They beat and claw the air and rave with their idiot gibberings while they sell their souls to the Enemy.   The only ones they will hurt, ultimately, are themselves for God will prevail.

Tomorrow, Sunday 4 October, I, priest of Jesus Christ, with the backing of the bishop, will say Holy Mass for the intention of Donald and Melania Trump.

After Mass, I will read the Exorcism against Satan and Apostate Angels, asking God to be my mighty force multiplier and to drive every demonic influence from Walter Reed Medical Center.

Against such prayers the Devil has nothing.

Pray.  Fast.  Make acts of reparation.

Say the Rosary.


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