LifeSiteNews reports :  Bishop Joseph Strickland “absolutely” agrees with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s remarks about the Catholic Church putting too much trust in man and not enough trust in God.

“And thankfully, other other church leaders — cardinals, different people — have spoken up,” he said. “And that’s the message we as shepherds need to get out there. We don’t trust in ourselves



Bishop Strickland made his comments during this week’s episode of The Bishop Strickland Show, which premiered on LifeSite last Friday. The show will be aired every Tuesday here on LifeSite beginning next week. Previously, the show was scheduled for Fridays.

Strickland, currently the bishop of Tyler, Texas, was asked by co-host Terry Barber of Virgin Most Powerful Radio what he thinks of Archbishop Viganò’s message. Barber had compared Viganò to “the John the Baptist of our church today.”

“God’s ways are not our ways,” Strickland replied. “And we need to remember that. And we need to not think…we can run it all…that’s just not the truth.”

Strickland incorporated his message on trusting in God with other observations he had on the situation the Church is facing in China.

“We know that Communism means no Church.” If “John Paul II [was] on the scene dealing with it…he would blast [China]. I mean, he lived it…so many have lived what communism really is about.”

Strickland further argued that the mission of communists is “to get rid of God, and so pretending that they’re going to allow the Catholic Church…to really operate in an atheistic communistic system, it doesn’t make sense. It’s not going to happen.”

Strickland and Barber also discussed the importance of praying the Memorare to the Blessed Virgin Mary and trusting in God. “We need to believe what these prayers say and listen,” Strickland said.

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