The Devil And Karl Marx by Paul Kengor, TAN Books, 

Devil & MarxDr Pravin Thevathasan writes —  I knew that Karl Marx was a scoundrel who exploited those around him including his parents, his wife and his friends. I knew he hated theistic religions in general and Christianity in particular. I knew he was, amazingly enough in view of his Jewish background, anti-Semitic. I knew he despised the very idea of the traditional family. And I knew that two of his daughters committed suicide. What I did not know before reading this hugely informative book was that he had chosen hell over heaven well before the publication of the Communist Manifesto. He had effectively sold his soul to the devil. We cannot separate the diabolical Marx from his diabolical philosophy or, better still, his pseudo-religion which we call Marxism. He promised us paradise on earth and what did we get? Of course there are still disciples who like to say that Marxism “has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult and left untried.” My apologies to Mr Chesterton.

But is Communism over? Decidedly not, says the author. Various disciples, whether card carrying members or not, have helped spread the Marxist gospel well beyond the Communist bloc. Often this was achieved by means that were not overtly political. Kengor mentions Aleister Crowley, the notorious occultist who, while not overtly political, supported Communism and Nazism simply because they and he had a mutual enemy: Christianity. His friend Walter Duranty was introduced by him to the occult. Duranty is now best known as the journalist who denied that Stalin’s forced famine against The Ukraine led to the starvation of between five and ten million souls. Marxist-driven or occult-driven blindness?

Kengor dedicates a chapter to the Frankfurt School of Marcuse, Horkheimer, Adorno, Reich, Fromm Benjamin and others. They helped spread Marxism through the institutions in the West. The section on Reich is not for the faint of heart. The kindest thing to say is that he might have been the seriously damaged victim of child abuse.

Harry Hay is mentioned as the founder of the modern gay movement. He was also a Communist and a supporter of the pedophile movement. David Thorstad, founder of a pedophile group, is described as a member of the Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party.

Saul Alinsky was not a card carrying Communist. But his ideology was most certainly Marxist in orientation. President Obama and Mrs Clinton were hugely influenced by him and, unsurprisingly,  the Democratic Party has shifted well to the political left.

Kengor also mentions Kate Millet, feminist and abortion and gay rights activist. Turns out she was also a Marxist. The American Communist William Foster believed the best way to destroy the nuclear family is by promoting sexual deviancy and radical feminism.

Marxism is alive in the West whenever pornography, sexual deviancy and the suppression of free speech is promoted. It is there in movements that claim to promote racial equality but encourage violence. And very sadly, it has infiltrated the Catholic Church, as Kengor notes.

Our Lady warned us at Fatima that Russia will spread her errors. We ignored Our Lady and the errors have spread. Although Fatima is not mentioned in this remarkable book, I sensed as I finished reading it that the message of Fatima is now more relevant than ever.


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