Tower of BabelRoberto de Mattei writes for Corrispondenza Romana  / Rorate Caeli — The era of the Coronavirus is seeing a new phase in the cosmic struggle between the celestial and infernal forces. In history, in fact, along with the hand of God, we also need to see the hand of the Devil who is always rivaling the Divine plans in order to realize his own warped projects. The Kingdom of God is that of order, peace and harmony; the Devil’s is a kingdom of chaos, conflict and perennial revolution. God permits, for His greater glory, that the two kingdoms – the first always victorious, the second always beaten – wrestle until the end of time.

Today the followers of the Devil are the scientists, who, in their laboratories, are seeking to be lords over the life and death of mankind. Then we have the social engineers, who, by means of sophisticated techniques, manipulate the state of mind of public opinion. After the failure of the great illusions that opened the 20th century, the revolutionary forces are now fostering a scenario of profound mental and social chaos. Six months after its explosion, the Coronavirus’s gravest consequence until now has not been in the health or social realms but in the psychological order.

Nobody knows what to think and often opposing thoughts follow one another as in cases of cognitive dissonance. In a persuasive article penned by the sociologist Luca Ricolfi in a Roman daily, he writes that the ground where the most radical changes are taking place is in the way our mind works.

The most evident change is [made manifest in] uncertainty, which is not only the difficulty found in planning for the future, but is “a generalized state of mental anarchy”.  The regime of mental anarchy triggered by Covid 19, writes Ricolfi, is perilous for social cohesion, since the life of society is held together by common rules and shared patterns in perceptions of reality “but it is also perilous for the psychological equilibrium of the individual, since a world in which everyone  sees what they want to see, without regard for what others see, is tremendously destabilizing and anxiety- inducing.” (How Covid is changing our livesIl Messaggero, of September 5th 2020).

Covid 19 is a perfidious, mendacious and multifaceted virus, that terrorizes some, paralyzing  their forces and destroys the equilibrium of others, making them think that it doesn’t exist.

Thanks to these contradictions, the kingdom of Babel is advancing in an atmosphere of fear and pessimism. Abandonment to Divine Providence is required to resist, without losing the supernatural virtue of hope.  Devoid of hope are those living in the terror of being infected, who subject themselves to any and all impositions by the civil and ecclesiastical authorities; but also [ without hope] are those who attribute all that is happening to a project of destruction against which nothing can be done except cry out in anger.

Those living in terror, anger and frustration in the era of Coronavirus, are losing the battle against the maleficent virus. Only those who conserve in the depth of their souls the joy of serving the Lord, are victorious. This joy is a divine gift and for those who do not ask for this help – all is lost. Those who trust in the help of grace, on the contrary, fight and win, especially if they entrust themselves to the One Who is the channel of all graces – the Blessed Virgin Mary whose Nativity and Most Holy Name are commemorated in the Church on September 8th and September 12th  respectively.

In the 15th century St. Bernard of Siena opposed the revolution of customs with Devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus.  The Devotion to the Name of Mary constitutes a precious weapon against the psycho-social Revolution of the 21st century. After the name of Jesus there is no greater name that can resonate more than that of Mary, before which every knee in heaven, earth and hell bows. (Philippians, 2,10). With this name on our lips and in our hearts, we have nothing to fear.