Swaffham conventLady Bedingfeld writes — The Swaffham Sisters are selling their convent and are desperate that it should be made into some sort of Catholic household, perhaps a retreat centre for people visiting Walsingham or a Catholic old people’s home.  It has a lovely pre-Reformation front with lots of little cells, corridors and classrooms behind and a chapel which is much loved.  Sr Francis Ridler (one of three Sisters, Daughters of Divine Charity, still living there was the headmistress for many years) is inviting people to come and look at it.  It is for sale with Brown & Co for £475,000.  They have an offer from a developer who wants to make it into 9 flats.  The Sisters can’t bear this and we are saying a 54 day novena to save it.

If you know of the solution for them, Sr Francis’ telephone number is: 01760 724577.

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