New Catholic writes for Rorate Caeli : Carrara marble is beautiful: the smoothness and intense light of this particular stone made it a favorite of masters in the Italian renaissance.

One of the greatest pieces is, of course, Michelangelo Buonarroti’s “Pietà”, in the Vatican Basilica, carefully restored after an attack made on it in the pontificate of Paul VI. Since the marble is white, the sculpture is all white: not just skin…but draperies, clothes, everything — obviously.

Apparently, the currently woke-led Pontifical Academy for Life thinks attacking this image again, now virtually, is fair game for its “virtue-signaling” purposes:



We refuse to accept this creepy wokeness. There isn’t a “Black Jesus” or a “White Jesus” (in this case, a Marble Jesus…).

There is only one Christ, truly born of the Virgin Mary, Son of David, Lion of Judah, Glory of Israel, Man and God, Lord of All, the Desired of All Nations, the Redeemer of all peoples.
Enough, Archbishop Paglia! Enough!