USA Justice Department seizes 92 Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps websites spreading pro-Biden propaganda

Somaliland: Two Christians arrested for preaching to Muslims

Nigeria: Muslims kill two young Christian women, six-year-old boy, and 64-year-old man, kidnap other Christians

Italy: Muslim screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ breaks down doors of convent, vandalizes several rooms

UK: Muslims threaten Christian at Speakers Corner,. Cops remove the Christian

New Zealand Prime Minister vows to criminalise criticism of Islam if reelected

Europe  faces jihadist attack ‘every fortnight’

Pakistan: Police torture imprisoned Christians, tell them they’ll be released if they convert to Islam

Mozambique: Islamic State takes over celebrity vacation islands, burns luxury hotels and imposes Sharia

Turkey: Muslims deface and destroy priceless Byzantine frescoes in Panagia Sumela monastery

Nigeria: Muslim attacks on Christians increase, country is now ‘biggest killing ground of Christians in the world’

Turkey: Government music video hails Ottoman caliphate, says “The world is waiting for ‘There is no god but Allah’”

Muslim leader says ‘Islam is the second religion in France. Those who do not like us have only to leave France.

Pakistan: Christian sentenced to death for ‘blasphemy’ after refusing employer’s request to convert to Islam

Italy: ‘Muslim-Friendly’ tourism project will ‘remove Christian symbols’ to make Muslim tourists more comfortable

Turkey: Nine churches named Hagia Sophia have now been converted to mosques

Sweden: Muslims berate 11-year-old boy for wearing a cross, beat him and steal his shoes

Turkey demolishes iconic church, ‘Hagia Sophia of Bursa’

Ethiopia: Muslims murder over 500 Christians since June, including pregnant women, children and whole families

USA: Black Lives Matter rioters scream ‘Death to America’ as they start fires and smash cars

Sweden: Muslim migrants try to burn down church, beat man who defends it

Nigeria: Muslims attack Christian village, burn church, kill man, kidnap four children

Texas: Muslim who murdered his daughters for dating non-Muslims didn’t want to raise ‘whores as daughters’

UK: 15-year-old boy converts to Islam, tries to make bombs containing shrapnel for jihad massacre

Uganda: Muslim converts to Christianity, is beaten to death by his father and other relatives

Iran: Video depicts destruction of Capitol, Washington Monument, “People everywhere are chanting ‘Death to America’”

Norway: Muslim mob beats critic of Islam for saying Muhammad was a false prophet









































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