John-Henry Westen reports for LifeSiteNews Y.G. Nyghtstorm is an incredible human being. If you’ve never heard of him before, you’re missing out on an amazing individual who has an awe-inspiring story.



Raped at the age of 11 by a camp counselor and homeless by 18 thanks to a frayed relationship with his mom, Y.G. came to hate God and blamed Him for the terrible things that he went through in his youth.

“It destroyed my soul,” he said, it “destroyed any kind of hope or love I had for God.”

But something happened to Y.G. when he was living on the streets of Chicago that changed him forever.

A man in a Rolls Royce happened to pull up next to him after he’d been robbed. The man prayed over him and gave him his socks, saying to Y.G., “Go forth and love people and change things.”

That profound incident moved Y.G. to start re-appraising, ever so slowly, his relationship with God.

Eventually, Y.G. got engaged. His fiance became pregnant with twins but, sadly, egged on by her friends, decided to have them aborted. Y.G. was desponded and told me that experience marked him deeply. It’s the primary reason why he is not a Democrat.

“I’m a father. I’m a parent. I’m a person who loves my children,” he said. “You cannot tell me that I do not count, that my voice does not count, that those lives…do not count. And at that point, I decided that there is no way in the world that I could support a party, unfortunately, who has put all kinds of support for Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood.”

Y.G. is now a pro-life, pro-Trump Catholic who serves as the Second Vice Chair of the Forsyth County Republican Party in Georgia. He has 7 grown children and, although he gets a fair amount of criticism from African-Americans for his views, he says its ridiculous to claim Trump is a racist.

Y.G. revealed to me that he has a special admiration for St. Joseph and that he firmly believes that God has spared his life. He told me that forgiveness has helped make him into the successful, Catholic man he is today.

“The American dream is different for different people,” he said. “Success is being able to do whatever I want when I feel like doing it and…being able to control my own time. That is what success means to me.”

If you want to hear more from Y.G., visit his YouTube page, twitter account, Facebook page, and/or personal website.

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