Bishop Bruskewitz

Dad29 blogspot reports –The Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska has released the results of an independent investigation into alleged misconduct by a deceased longtime vocations director.

The report concluded that Monsignor Leonard Kalin had engaged in inappropriate behavior, including sexual advances toward seminarians and students.

Though the diocese was aware of Msgr. Kalin’s habits such as heavy drinking and gambling, the report did not uncover evidence that diocesan leaders knew of Msgr. Kalin’s sexual impropriety before 1998, the year some restrictions were placed on Kalin’s ministry….

So Bp. Bruskewitz was not “covering up” behavior–because he did not KNOW about it–and when he DID know about it, Kalin was restricted.

…the investigation did not find evidence that chancery leadership “knew of sexual impropriety” by Kalin until 1998, according to the investigative report.

When Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz learned of allegations of sexual misconduct in July 1998, Kalin was “put on restrictions and moved out of the Newman Center.” After he was told about “a sexual issue involving Msgr. Kalin and a seminarian,” Bishop Bruskewitz ordered that two people were to be with Kalin when assisting him, the investigation said.

In September 1998, a lay person of the Lincoln diocese told a priest that Kalin kissed him inappropriately; the priest subsequently confronted Kalin, who admitted it happened, according to the investigation.

The next month, Bruskewitz issued a canonical warning forbidding Monsignor Kalin from being alone with any man under the age of 40 except for priests, close relatives and medical personnel….

One could argue that the Diocese should have referred Kalin to the local cops or D.A., and I wouldn’t argue against that, but there are a lot of ‘fact’ matters this news report doesn’t disclose.

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