Fr.John Zuhlsdorf blogs — His Excellency Most Reverend Salvatore Cordileone, Archbishop of San Francisco, made reparation and the site in Golden Gate Part where a statue of St. Junipero Serra was torn down.

Then the Archbishop – God Bless him and his tribe – read the Title XI Chapter 3 Exorcism against Satan and the Fallen Angels at the site.

He starts that part – too bad about the audio (unprotected mic) – at about 20:40.



I am not sure why seminarians or whomever in cassock didn’t jump in a little faster to help with the wind, but Archbp. Cordileone got the job done!

Ultra Fr. Z kudos!



Fathers, Bishops, if you need recordings of the Latin, I have two, one at half speed and the other at full speed, to help with pronunciation. Get permission. If you have permission (all you BISHOPS!) use the exorcism over every building and space entrusted to you.

BISHOPS AND PRIESTS… I will send you recordings in Latin of the Exorcism.

Write to me HERE

Put – exactly – in the subject line: LATIN EXORCISM RECORDING

Please CAPITALIZE and write only that.

In the body of the email please tell me what your present assignment is.

If you are not a priest or a bishop, don’t bother asking.

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