Martina Moyski  reports for  :  Another plain-talking priest is being thrown under the bus for an outspoken homily.

In an official statement Tuesday, Abp. Bernard A. Hebda of the St. Paul and Minneapolis diocese chastised Fr. Robert Altier for questioning the COVID-19 narrative. In his Sept. 5 sermon, “Coronavirus: The Truth Revealed,” Fr. Altier, parochial vicar of the Church of St. Raphael in Crystal, Minnesota, suggested people are being lied to about the pandemic.


Abp. Bernard A. Hebda


“None of our priests or bishops … is an expert in public health, infectious disease, epidemiology or immunology,” Hebda wrote, quashing the priest’s ability to speak about the pandemic.

Hebda claimed the sermon was at odds with Pope Francis’ exhortation that sermons be “a consoling encounter with God’s word, a constant source of renewal and growth” (Evangelii Gaudium, § 135).”

“The use of a homily to present medical or scientific speculation does not serve that noble purpose and could be seen as an abuse of the cleric’s position of authority to address an issue unrelated to the liturgical celebration,” Hebda argued.

The archbishop justified his attack by citing The General Instruction of the Roman Missal (n. 65), which directs that the homily “should be an explanation of some aspect of the readings from Sacred Scripture … and should take into account both the mystery being celebrated and the particular needs of the listeners.”

Altier did begin his homily, however, by referring to Sacred Scripture, specifically to the first reading for the Mass of Sept. 5, where God tells the prophet Ezekiel that He has appointed him as “the watchman for the house of Israel.” The parochial vicar explained that, in the spirit of that scripture, he was speaking as “watchman for the people at St. Raphael,” and in that spirit, he is commanded by God to speak the truth.


The use of a homily to present medical or scientific speculation … could be seen as an abuse of the cleric’s position of authority.Tweet

Speaking to the enormity of the moral responsibility of a priest to tell the people the truth, Altier repeated what God told Ezekiel: “If I tell you to tell this person whatever, and you don’t tell them, and they die, I am going to hold you responsible for their death.”

The truth Altier felt called to disseminate pertained to the litany of lies that has been spread about the pandemic. “We have been lied to in a big way,” he warned. “I want to tell you the truth because that’s what God is going to hold me responsible for.”



He described the pandemic as a “manmade virus released so other people can get sick.” For anyone who would doubt that description, he advised: “Do the work. Look it up.”

He further referred to an ominous meeting called Event 201 that took place in New York City in Oct. 2019, just weeks before the Wuhan virus rocked the world. The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (CHS), in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, hosted this “high-level pandemic exercise” intending to illustrate “areas where public/private partnerships will be necessary during the response to a severe pandemic.”

As Altier pointed out, the event simulated an international coronavirus pandemic.

He also spoke of a technique called “flood the zone,” meaning getting out only the narrative presented by those manipulating the pandemic.


Bp. William Callahan of La Crosse


Another lie the priest exposed is the proffered need to lock down “everything”  for “two weeks” in order “to flatten the curve.” Then, after that, new scenarios for “masks” and six-foot distancing surfaced.

He pointed to the lie of a pandemic that “makes people sick in church but not if people are out rioting,” that benefits large corporate places but snuffs out small businesses.

He pointed to the lie issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that 2.2 million were going to die, then a million and a half, then a million, then 900,000, and so on.

According to Altier’s calculations, 9,200 have died — a number that does not rank in the top 10 causes of death. “But suicide is up 600%, divorces are up, child abuse is up,” he pointed out.

“We have been lied to,” the priest repeated.

He lastly referred to the next lie in the pandemic planners’ agenda: The vaccine.

He pointed to three vaccines that have been approved, noting that at least one will be made using cells from aborted babies and that one (made by Modena) is designed to change the RNA in  cells in your body.

“Do not allow them to put the vaccine in your body,” he urged. It’s “one lie after the next after the next,” according to Altier.

Altier is just one of a slew of priests that are now being shoved under the bus by their superiors for doing their jobs: Saving parishioners, body and soul.

Father James Altman was threatened with canonical penalties by Bp. William Callahan of La Crosse, Wisconsin should he continue creating videos speaking out against the horrors of abortion and denouncing the politicians who support the heinous act. The bishop condemned Altman’s tone and approach.


It’s one lie after the next after the next.Tweet

Fr. Paul Graney, associate pastor at Divine Child Church in Dearborn, Michigan, was accused by Pastor Bob McCabe of having “brought forth division, anger, confusion and chaos” for speaking out against Antifa and Black Lives Matter in a recent sermon. McCabe posted an apology for Graney’s comments on the church webpage on Sept. 14.

Fr. Frank Pavone, an outspoken critic of abortion and the culture of death, was chastised by the archdiocese of Amarillo on Sept. 16 for tweets supporting pro-life political candidates.

“What else is new?” Pavone remarked to Church Militant. “They’ve been disavowing my political statements for a decade. It is not only the demands of the moral teaching on human rights that the Church has but also the demands of common sense that we reject the Party of Death.”

“This diocese and any diocese can say what they want,” he added. “The voters can see through the sham.”

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