SexCaroline Farrow and the entire CitizenGO Team write — Relationships and Sex education (RSE) is becoming compulsory in primary and secondary schools starting from September and must be implemented in the curriculum by this time next year.

This is in no small part thanks to the efforts of well-funded lobby groups with a financial interest in providing the relevant resources and ‘training’ for schools.

The aim of RSE is supposedly to protect and educate children, but is instead being used to sexualise and brainwash them.

Schools have a statutory duty to consult with parents and respect their religious and cultural values when deciding what kind of things should be taught, and yet this is not happening in many cases. Any parent who dares to object is portrayed as a (most likely religious) bigot! 

While we cannot do anything to halt the introduction of RSE into schools, we can do something to put parents back in the driving seat. Together with the Values Foundation, who promote RSE which respects time-honoured values, we are launching a campaign which demands that the government makes RSE transparent and accountable and above all respects basic principles of safeguarding!

Add your name and sign our petition demanding that the government implements simple and basic measures in order to keep children safe at schoo

We have a list of 4 basic asks, which we believe will stop the ideological rot which has been allowed to be set into schools.


  • Parliament must set up a new independent RSE watchdog committee regarding the RSE curriculum and its influence throughout the school, with a protected whistleblowing process
  • Schools must display RSE resources on school websites and state whether the school promotes gender theory in any form.
  • Inappropriate RSE resources and providers  must be blacklisted.
  • All RSE teaching must be compatible with the science curriculum.

One of the most pernicious influences in schools over the last few years, has to be the introduction of gender theory which is even finding its way into the nursery  class with children as young as three or four being told that being a boy or girl is a matter of personal preference and something which they can choose.

This agenda deliberately confuses vulnerable children who are led to believe that perfectly natural childhood play is an indicator that they may have been ‘born in the wrong body’ and they are placed on a pathway of social transition which leads to lifelong medical intervention, including irreversible surgery and hormones.

It cannot be any coincidence that since the concept of ‘inclusiveness’ began to be used to promote gender ideology in schools, there has been a massive 4,400% rise in underage girls seeking gender reassignment in the UK.

A recent survey demonstrated that only 1 in 4 parents were aware that their children could be being taught this misleading and unscientific idea in schools. Children simply do not possess the cognitive ability to make such life-changing decisions and neither should they be indoctrinated into believing something that clearly isn’t true!

Gender ideology does not only impact on children who do not conform to  stereotypes, but it also affects the dignity, safety and privacy of  all children who are forced to violate their natural boundaries and accept children of the opposite sex into their bathroom and changing facilities, at pain of being officially sanctioned for ‘hatred’ if they dare to object.

It is time to remove gender ideology from schools. Sign our petition demanding that the government does not teach any ideas which are incompatible with the science curriculum and just let kids be kids! 

Of course gender ideology   is not the only problem with RSE in schools. Many young children are taught a curriculum, which in many cases is explicitly designed to smash ideas of heteronormativity and ‘queer the classroom’. 

Primary  school children are being taught other concepts they are too young to understand which confuses them into conflating friendships with the notion of romantic and/or sexual love. One local council was forced to withdraw a programme which taught six-year olds about self-stimulation.

Older children in secondary schools are being exposed to inappropriate material and sexual content, some of which would make an adult blush! A notorious resource produced by one LGBT lobby group, instructs 13 year old girls in the ‘art’ of niche and physically harmful adult practices, which would not even be allowed to be discussed or portrayed by a film with an 18-certificate! In another case, one school was forced to apologise after a 13 year old was given homework which discussed extreme and violent pornography.

Lessons like these leave children open to exploitation, grooming and abuse!

This is why the RSE curriculum needs urgent oversight by an independent watchdog. Parents must no longer be left in the dark about what is being taught to their children and schools must be compelled to display a list of all providers and resources on their website.

Your signature will make a difference! Sign our petition to To the Secretary of State for Education, the Chair of Education Select Committee, the Minister for Women and Equalities and the Minister for and help parents take back control. 

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