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Jules Gomes

Jules Gomes reports for ChurchMilitant.com — Erotica  salesman is pumping millions of “porno pounds” to fund the world’s largest contraception and abortion provider, prompting accusations of collusion between pornography and the abortion industry.

Sex-toy and XXX-movie salesman Philip Harvey financed Marie Stopes International (MSI) with over £7.5 million in cash and supplies since 1995, The Mail revealed Sunday, following an investigation into MSI accounts.

Harvey’s controversial porn business, Adam & Eve, with £60 million of erotica sales in 2019, donates 25% of its profits through the sleaze merchant’s nonprofit corporation, DKT International, which claims to be “one of the world’s largest providers” of family planning and abortion services.

MSI’s website names Harvey as one of its board members and as president of DKT International, which he founded in 1989.

“When unscrupulous associations and funding sources come to light, they help us to see the whole picture in greater detail and with deeper understanding,” Dave Brennan, CEO of pro-life Brephos, told Church Militant.

“Abortion, far from health care, is an act of violence against an unborn child. On these grounds alone, it is easy to see that MSI is not ’empowering women and girls to take control of their futures’ — a slogan they deceitfully trumpet,”  said Brennan, an associate of the Center for Bioethical Research UK.

“Just as Margaret Sanger and Marie Stopes were racist eugenicists — and this is what fired their ambitions for abortion — so there is an inherent link between pornography and abortion. Both decontextualize sex,” the pro-life educator explained.

Brennan elaborated:

Porn enables mostly men to consume and objectify mostly women (sometimes children) in an entirely selfish way, devoid of love or commitment. It destroys marriages, damages minds, demeans women and drives sex-trafficking. Abortion decontextualises sex by removing the consequence of sex, the baby. This enables men to use women as sex objects, knowing ‘she can always have an abortion.’

“It is well-known that pimps use abortion to keep their prostitutes at work, sometimes demanding several abortions a year. We can expect more and more of these stories to come out as abortion is exposed for the rotten-to-the-core human rights atrocity that it is,” he emphasized.

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