Update. ‘No’.

 A spokesman for the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales has responded to this video, saying: “The feelings and desires that are expressed in this video are completely understandable. However there are other factors that need to be considered: we have a moral duty to protect life; we have a duty to heed the best professional advice about the dangers of this virus which is invisible and deadly; we have to be sure that whatever steps we may take – and some are proposed in the video – are well thought through, receive formal approval and are deliverable in every situation.”

“Being deprived of sacraments and being unable to enter our churches is a heavy deprivation,” the spokesman added. “Yet we must be clear why it is necessary at this time.”

“When restrictions are eased, we must be ready to act with full responsibility, under public scrutiny and always with an eye for the common good of the society of which we are a part.”




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