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Greta Thunberg

The blogger “Mundabor’ received from reader Canukfrank the following, comment:  I seem to recall earlier this year, Moore stated that unless “we” did something drastic and radical vis-a-vis ‘Climate-Change’ ©️, the planet had less than 4 years before our species became extinct. Pontificating from his Infinity Pool in his exclusive gated community, this buffoon estimated that the next (less than) 48 months would be a turning point for the planet. So, sometime after January 2024 that.would.be.it.   Inspired by this prediction I immediately posted on the Greta Thunberg site the following “robust” and “necessary” steps needed to Save-Our-Species:


  1. Suspend democracy across the planet and appoint a world-wide ‘Climate Crisis Council’ of scientists, climate experts and population control specialists to manage Mother Earth
  2. Immediate electricity rationing across the planet.
  3. The immediate ban on all air travel, vehicles and transportation systems using fossil fuels.
  4. Immediate introduction of aggressively enforced population control policies (‘1-child-per-family’) including mandatory sterilization
  5. Immediate ban on capitalism
  6. Immediate introduction of socialism and communism with the forced distribution of wealth, food, water and other resources
  7. Instant ban on the advertising, marketing and sales of all consumer goods
  8. Immediate ban on all meat consumption with mandatory adoption of vegetarian/vegan food consumption practices
  9. Aggressively enforced mandatory euthanasia for those aged 75 and above with large financial incentives for voluntary euthanasia between 55 and 74.
  10. Aggressively enforced euthanasia for all age groups deemed by experts to have incurable physical and mental disabilities
  11. Immediate adoption of Swedish behavioral scientists Magnus Söderlund’s suggestion that we need to “overcome our taboo against cannibalism” by eating our own deceased to reduce carbon emissions.
  12. Ban all religions with the arrest and lengthy imprisonment of any religious leaders and their followers who oppose steps 1-11.

Canukfran concludes: “ I was truly stunned by the positive comments, ‘likes’ and overall favourable reactions my absurd suggestions received.”





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