Values FoundationJudith Nemeth, Executive Director,  The Values Foundation for Faith and Families in Education, writes –   The Values Foundation welcomes the Department for Education’s decision to allow a flexible approach to Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) implementation until the summer term of 2021.

Due to school closures this term, it has been difficult for schools to fulfil their legal obligation to consult with parents. The DfE has now informed The Values Foundation that all schools can “have flexibility over how they discharge their duty within the first year of compulsory teaching”.

Whilst RSE will still be compulsory from 1 September 2020, schools now have until the start of the summer term of 2021 to actually begin teaching RSE.  This will allow enough time for schools to follow consultative procedures with parents and plan their curriculum provision. Read our full press release here.

Parents now have a vital window of time in which to ask schools to view the proposed RSE curriculum and see what materials will be taught.  If your school has not yet engaged you in the RSE parental engagement process, you can download and use this template letter here. If you are not a parent or carer of a school-age child, please forward this information to others.

We are also excited to announce the launch of RSE – Get It Right!,  an education initiative supporting parents, schools and local authorities in their rights and responsibilities to ensure that children are taught  time-honoured, established values within RSE.

Clearly distinguishing between what is and what is not compulsory in RSE

Encouraging schools to focus on building the foundations of strong relationships including trust and respect, whilst showing sensitivity to different lifestyles

Highlighting our resource hub of values-driven materials.

Visit the website:

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