A correspondent writes – “FT” and his wife “L” are doctors in Bergamo hospital, the worst hit town in Italy.  They are practising Catholics and depend heavily on spiritual support.   I have suggested to “L” that I ask as many people as possible to pray rosaries and offer Masses for them and asked if there were any particular intentions that she has.  This is her answer:

“Thank you for your suggestion which today seemed to me like a sign from God.  I ask you to pray for a colleague who has COVID 19, is intubated and has the complication of a pulmonary embolism.  His name is Riccardo, he is a surgeon, is 48 years old and has 4 children.  His wife has already lost her father to the virus.  Riccardo is a generous and devout man and an excellent colleague….he must live!  I thank you for all that your prayer will achieve.  As you know from the media, the situation in Bergamo is dramatic and in all families in the town there has been at least one  death.   Entire villages have been decimated, especially of the elderly. Retirement homes have become traps and many young people who are helping the elderly have also fallen ill.  My patients, who all have underlying heart problems, are not able to fight this infection as they are already weak and very many are dying.  It is the Apocalypse.  Prayer is our hope.  God is everywhere and Our Lady is at the foot of the cross and of all our crosses.”

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