S Mosher

Steve Mosher

Steven Mosher writesThe news about the Chinese Coronavirus can be all-absorbing, I know. 

It is certainly taking most of my time.  As one of America’s leading China experts, I am appearing on FOX News, EWTN, and other radio and TV shows on a daily basis. 

The fight against the deadly pandemic is a matter of life and death.  That’s why, as a Pro-Life leader, I must also be on the front lines of the debate, fighting for Life. 

The pandemic has certainly not put a stop to the population controllers and their abortionists either.  In fact, they are saying that as the sickness spreads the need for abortion grows even faster.

Just today I saw a headline that Planned Parenthood is committed to keeping their clinics open, to perform as many abortions as are needed!  If you ask me, that’s really sick.

And that’s why I’m sending you this urgent message.

Please help – and click here

Rest assured: our Pro-Life work is critical and much needed.  We will not close our doors!

But we do have one staff member who just returned from a foreign trip.  He is self-quarantined and sick, but is still working manfully from home.

Our student interns were sent home when their universities closed.

But we carry on with the rest of our devoted staff, practicing social distancing, greeting each other with a wave and smile, staying in contact with you, and our people and projects in other countries.  

We continue to fight for the littlest among us, and we need to. 

But we also need you to help us in this time of crisis. We really and truly need your help!

 Without you, Planned Parenthood will not close. And without you, PRI will not long be able to carry on.

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