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Fr. John Hunwicke

Fr John Hunwicke blogs — Since we are Locked Down, or de facto under Interdict, or however you like to put it, I venture to suggest Spiritual Pilgrimages to Shrines of the Theotokos during May. One could use the Litany of Loretto and/or the Prayer at the foot of this post.

This idea is offered in a little book which used to be on sale in the Shrine Shop at Walsingham. It bears the name of Canon Colin Stepheson, Administrator of the Anglican Shrine at Walsingham in the early 1960s. “This book is based on an idea of Edmund Waterton, and owes much to his monumental work Pietas Mariana Britannica. Its adaptation and much of the work of compilation has been done by Hedley Hope-Nicholson who has always been a doughty champion of the rights and titles of our blessed Lady”. The book bears no date; I bought mine on Whitmonday 1963. The prayer suggested  and which I print below dates from before the liturgical adoption of “Modern English”!

Each day of May is assigned a medieval English Shrine of our Lady. One could, of course, roam all over the world … Keitun …. Lourdes … Tinos … Knock … but, well, we have recently rededicated this Kingdom to our Lady as her Dowry. If I remember, I will put the place/title at the head of my blogpost  each day in May.

O most Blessed Virgin Mother of God, conceived without original sin, in mind and spirit I visit thy churches, altars, and shrines, venerated by our forefathers in this land once acknowledged as thy Dowry, but more especially today I wish to place myself before thy Shrine at … … … , humbly seeking to be numbered amongst the pilgrims who have sought thee in this place and to receive through thy prayers those graces which have ever flowed from thy Sanctuaries.


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