AS THE DEATH rate continues to flatten and decline, Michael Matt looks for the silver lining in perhaps the most bizarre global crisis in a hundred years. Is this a win for the globalists, or have they jumped the shark?

And what about the Vatican and its ‘Church of Accompaniment’? Looks more like the ‘Church of Abandonment.’ Will it ever recover? Pope Francis just made a deal with the Chinese Communists. Will he ever be taken seriously again?

Plus, what about the Catholic priests who have been ordered to cancel all public masses? Are they beginning to see the problem with the Church of Vatican II? Many of them are behaving like traditional Catholic hero priests right now. Will the COVID-19 crisis finally derail the Modernist revolution?

Michael also speaks about fear, compassion, understanding and coming together during this difficult period. This will pass, he argues, and we’re going to be stronger and more united than ever before.


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