NetflixJohn Horvat, Vice-President, Tradition, Family and Property (TFP), emails – I am very pleased to relate that Netflix has been feeling the heat from petitions against the blasphemous First Temptation of Christ. Legal action has been brought against the streaming company because of public outcry!

As you may remember, this vulgar, personal attack on Our Lord Jesus Christ was released in Portuguese by Porta dos Fundos in Brazil, and portrays Christ as a homosexual and the Virgin Mary as an adulteress.

Sign the petition, affirming your rejection of Netflix’s blasphemy

A provincial judge in Brazil banned the series from showing in that country because of the voice of over two million Christians who protested the film, and the Brazilian Congress publicly condemned the film as “an assault on Christian values,” besides summoning Netflix’s executives to testify.

It must be pointed out that Brazil’s Supreme Court quickly overturned the ban as “undemocratic.” However, all of this proves the effect and importance of speaking out for the truth. None of this could have happened if no one spoke up, and more can happen if we do.

n the petition, affirming your rejection of Netflix’s blasphemy

If you have already signed, please pass on the word to your family and friends by forwarding this email.

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