Myth 1: The foetus doesn’t feel pain during an abortion

False! Foetuses can feel pain. At one time it was thought OK to operate on new-born babies without anaesthetic because “everyone knew that babies didn’t feel pain”. Now we know better. Attitudes have now changed about foetuses and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists suggest that the embryo has the possibility of feeling pain from as early as 17 days. For more information you can read an authorative report on the issue.

Myth 2: There’s no alternative to abortion

False! There is a good alternative to killing babies. There are many couples desperate to adopt a child, but so many babies are aborted that they find it impossible. Some couples even resort to desperate measures to ‘acquire’ a baby.

There are also many advice and counselling resources to help women cope with their pregnancy emotionally and financially. In the UK two well-known resources are LIFE (Tel:01926 421587) and SPUC (Tel:020 7222 5845)

Myth 3: Abortion is a simple, trouble-free procedure

False! Abortion isn’t a simple minor procedure, over and forgotten. There is a well-recognized post abortion syndrome that can and does cause much long-term psychological suffering in those who have had an abortion.

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