Fr Cardenel

Father Cardenel

FR.JOHN HUNWICKE blogs — When Traditionalists attack Liberation Theology, I often wish they would take the trouble to make distinctions. For example: between the two very differently focussed CDF statements on the subject. Between those parts of LT which are within the Tradition, and those which manifestly derive from the transient silliness of Cultural Marxism. It is worth remembering that Cardinal Mueller is an expert in just this subject. It is not, and should not be, a dead theological topic.

 Father Ernesto Cardenale sought from PF and was granted the restoration of his priestly faculties. He has recently died; his funeral was disgracefully disrupted by manic lefties who regard him as a Traitor.

My generation remembers the memorable scene when, as a Sandinista cabinet minister, he knelt to be blessed by S John Paul II … and received instead  a paternal admonition to ‘regularise’ his relationship with the Church. But this hero of the liberationists, when the time came, saw that Liberation Theology had been manipulated into being just another cheap Latino tyranny. And he condemned it strongly.

Hence the shouts of “Traitor”.

I think we should be open to those parts of PF’s Amazon Exhortation which touch upon the ruthless exploitation of the Amazon lands by financial interests. It is a shame that the current Deutsche Christen campaign to replace Catholicism with a Volksreligion based on Liberalism, Relativism, the Zeitgeist, and a sexually promiscuous bourgeois lifestyle, has so successfully focussed discussion on ridiculous irrelevancies like ‘Women Deacons’. It is, of course, yet another example of the skill of the Enemy.

It is not for us to Judge the balance between the good and the evil in any human life. But I pray that the good which Ernesto Cardenal did; his own priestly offering of the August Sacrifice; the boundless merits of the Redeemer; may intercede for this priest of God before the Throne of Mercy.

God bless him; God purge him; God rest him.

And may he pray for us.