LourdesTHE LEPANTO INSTITUTE writesRev. Msgr. Antoine Hérouard, Apostolic Delegate for the Sanctuary of Lourdes, Rev. Archbishop Olivier Ribadeau Dumas, Rector of the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes

We ask you to cancel the decree closing the pools of Lourdes and to reopen them immediately for pilgrims, who upon immersing themselves in this miraculous water seek healing for the body and above all for the soul. The decision to close all the pools “as a precaution” and “until further notice”, as stated on March 1 by the Sanctuary, has disconcerted and aggrieved Catholic faithful all over the world! The place from which these waters flow was revealed to Saint Bernadette in February of 1858 by the Our Lady herself. The water revealed itself to be miraculous and has never ceased to flow ever since. In 160 years an incalculable number of faithful, affected by the most diverse diseases, have immersed themselves in these pools without any infection having ever occurred.

When an epidemic is rampant in Europe, if there is a place that people should resort to, in order to ensure of not being infected but as to receive benefits for the soul and body, it is precisely the sanctuary of Lourdes. Whoever in Lourdes bathes in the same pool as a Coronavirus patient, would be certain to not be infected, because the pools of Lourdes are not places of sin, but places of faith, and it is faith not medicine that allows miracles. Those who deny the miraculous nature of the water of Lourdes, those who fear that the pools of Lourdes may produce contagion, it is they that deny the power of God, deny the promises of Our Lady, deny the meaning of Lourdes. If that is the case then the sanctuary should be closed. But millions of Catholics around the world look with great hope and confidence at the sanctuary of Lourdes.


Listen to their prayers:  keep open the pools of Lourdes!


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