Fr Hunwicke

Fr. John Hunwicke

Fr John Hunwicke blogs – They’ve got us prone and at their mercy. I don’t think the Christophobic bullies will easily or willingly give this up.

While great unhindered crowds of the Wokefascisti run riot, seven people worshipping together can be arrested.

The elite do their traditional on-the-one-hand-on-the-other-hand act, but they are very happy to have the churches locked. When it comes to Knees on Necks and squashed windpipes, padlocked church doors are what an interested analyst should contemplate, not just the actions of one murderous American plod.

There are suggestions that Vincent Nichols has been insufficiently assertive. I think this view is mistaken, as well as unfair. He has been quite steely in the diplomatic way that he does so skilfully. My own opinion is that he has judged and balanced things rather well.

But I think it is possible that we may be moving into a new situation, the thematic structure of which will be the vivid contrast between demonstrating and destroying mobs, and the ban on the public offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

I would like to imagine a situation in which the hierarchy told the government exactly when and how they are going to reinstate public worship, beginning in their own cathedrals, and said: “If that is against your laws, you know where you can find us to arrest us.

We already have our own ancestral memories of being banned from worshipping by your predecessors; of being arrested; and even of worse. 

Non possumus sine Dominico.