Dalit Christians

Dalit Christians

ADF INTERNATIONAL report s-  In India, Dalit Christians and other religious minorities are denied the same basic rights as Dalits who are Hindu, Sikh, or Buddhist as a result of a 1950 Presidential Order.

Dalit Christians experience severe hostility and can suffer violence simply because of their faith. 

However, 16 years after the case was filed, the Supreme Court in New Delhi has now agreed to hear a legal challenge to the Order.

This groundbreaking case will be argued by ADF India allied lawyers and could be of fundamental importance for the lives of millions of Christians, granting them rights they have been denied for 70 years.

After 16 years of waiting for this case to be heard, the situation of Dalit Christians is finally being addressed! We are hopeful that it will have a lasting impact on Christianity in India.



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