What should you do if you have committed a grave sin, if you are about to die and can no longer confess?

Above all, don’t despair, but trust and repent! Nobody can sink so deep that he is no longer redeemable by God’s grace and by the blood of Jesus Christ. Trust in the infinite divine mercy that died, shedding its blood for you, on the cross. Remember that the wounds of the crucified Saviour are the most poignant expression of infinite love and kindness, and then out of love for God repent of all your sins by praying with holy earnestness:

“My Lord and my God! I repent of all my sins because I have offended You, the eternal, infinite love and goodness. I am determined to live and die according to Your holy will.

I love You, oh God, with my whole heart, and it is the greatest pain for me that I have offended You, my highest Good; o wash me clean in Your blood.”

Or, briefly: My Jesus, have mercy.

At the moment of greatest danger, just the thought “Jesus” will suffice.

Imbued with this attitude, you can be reconciled to God at any moment and become a child of God again. Love destroys sin and brings us back into grace. This loving repentance must include the determination to confess at least your grave sins at your next confession. But even if you have no opportunity to confess any more, you will still be saved.

From: Rev. Alfons Maria Weigl, “Gebetsschatz” (Treasure Chest of Prayer) (printed and published with ecclesiastical permission)

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