NantesJournalistenWatch reports –After yesterday’s cathedral fire in Nantes, there was a nuisance that has been repeated in the comment columns of social media formats, especially Facebook, at least since the Charlie Hebdo murders: Muslim, mostly Arab-born users and their leftist fanboys in Central Europe express their enthusiasm and malicious joy online.

Even on the Facebook pages of the public service news formats, the sympathizers of Islamization celebrated their satisfaction bluntly last night – and by means of smiley emojis or “like” clicks, they express what they think of burning Christian churches, the breakdown of the European “dominant culture”:

In addition to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are also popular “playgrounds” for this type of expression of opinion, which typically does not lead to the deletion and blocking of the users concerned by the social media teams of the public broadcaster ZDF (whereas masses of comments are deleted as “hate speech”, which suspect a not too distant connection between the recent fire and Islamization.

In principle, the clear statements by “new citizens” from the oriental cultural area anticipate what the investigations still have to reveal in this case: whether it is actually arson (it looks as if it is and the public prosecutor’s office also thinks so in Nantes, as fire had broken out at three points in the cathedral), and then, of course, whether Muslims were really at work here – as unfortunately, all too often in the past.

The use of similarly cynical emoticons has been known on other occasions so far: for example, reports on Palestinian attacks on Israel, Israeli settlers or IDF soldiers killed, ISIS acts of terrorism, or Kurds killed by jihadists or Turkish soldiers. Here too, Muslims and/or Turkish nationalists showed their ugly faces of contempt for human beings – through likes and cheering smileys. (DM)

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