Remnant editor Michael Matt writes –– During the Coronavirus pandemic, it may be prudent for some people in ‘at risk categories’ not to go to Mass for a couple of weeks. There is no Mass obligation for those who are ill or in danger of becoming ill.

But closing churches and stopping all Masses at a time like this is an outrage. So, why are so many ‘progressive’ shepherds, who said they were going to make the Church into a “field hospital”, suddenly locking their churches and heading for cover during the flock’s moment of most desperate spiritual need? What happened to the Church of Accompaniment? Church of Abandonment is more like it.

Here’s one diocesan priest who has had enough! His church is not going to be locked, Mass is not going to be cancelled and communion will be administered on the tongue. Rather than ordering the faithful to stay away from church, Father organized a special Rosary procession for those wishing to publicly turn to Our Lord and His Most Blessed Mother during this moment of crisis.

Father also reads Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano’s later letter on this topic…from the pulpit! Bottom line, Holy Mother Church must see to her own and continue to provide solace, sanctuary and sacraments during this crisis.


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