Alexander Tschugguel, the militant Catholic Austrian who has been hospitalized with the coronavirus, sent us this message which we publish in order to share it and unite ourselves with his sufferings and prayers.
Dear friends and supporters,

Many thanks for all of your prayer and your encouragement in recent days. It is now the 15th day of my illness and I am slowly on the path to recovery. The virus strikes much harder than expected and it strikes people of all ages. Now we must learn to confront it, which means understanding that God requires sacrifice from each of us. And during this Lent he is asking more from us than usual. Today we must contain ourselves a lot and know how to renounce many things and do penance for all of the evil things in the world, and especially for all of the evil things that have happened within the Church. God, in his immense Providence, has placed these limitations on us, and we must see them as a Cross that we must carry, above all for those for whom the virus was lethal, for all the families that have been destroyed, for all of the aborted babies, for the destruction of our homelands. For all of this suffering, we must now sacrifice our freedom, our prosperity and our usual way of life. Let’s do it together as believers. We can be certain that God will never deceive or disappoint us.

As soon as I am well, I will make a video about this virus and I will tell you how it makes you feel and what it does to you.

Cordial greetings, and may God bless us,

Alexander Tschugguel

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