en.news reports –  In these coronavirus times which are “stranger” than they ought to be, bishops have no power to “dispense” the faithful from Sunday obligation, Cardinal Burke has said.

Talking to “Catholic Action” (YouTube.com, May 24), he expresses his fears that those Catholics who “are not so well catechised” – meaning: virtually all – may interpret the bishops’ Coronavirus “dispensation” from Sunday Mass as a sign that Sunday Mass is just another “negotiable practice” in the Church.

He criticises by name La Plata Archbishop Víctor Manuel Fernández who suggested that Sunday obligation could be “abolished” – as if this had not de facto happened decades ago.

Also Burke’s admonition is an attempt to close the stable door after the cattle has escaped. It’s now over 50 years that Sunday obligation is ignored while the clergy leaves the Catholics in the dark about this


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