Right To Life UK writes — Yesterday afternoon, the Government announced what would have been the biggest change to abortion provision since 1967, signalling the introduction of telemedicine abortions, where ‘DIY’ abortions would be performed at home by women on themselves without a doctor or other medical professional present.

As soon as the policy was announced, we mobilised MPs, media contacts and supporters in constituencies around the country to ensure there was a clear backlash against the decision, which was announced without any public consultation, parliamentary scrutiny or debate.

Thankfully, late last night the Government announced that the initial announcement was an administrative error and that there will be no changes to abortion regulations.

The large backlash that our supporters in constituencies throughout the country demonstrated against this decision would have made it much easier for the Government to pull back on the announcement and ensure this policy was not adopted. Thank you for all your work on this.

The abortion lobby have taken to Twitter in fury about the decision to correct the announcement and are now mobilising supporters around the country to email MPs asking them to put pressure on the Government to amend the Coronavirus Bill to make two substantial changes to abortion legislation. They are calling for the Government to 1) reduce the number of doctors who sign off on a termination from two to one, and 2) allow midwives and nurses to also sign off on terminations.

These two substantial changes have been long-term lobbying goals for the abortion industry and it appears they are attempting to exploit the Coronavirus crisis to force the Government to make these changes.

We have set-up an email tool on our website that will allow you to email your MP asking them to contact the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and make it clear that the Government should not let the abortion lobby hijack the Coronavirus Bill.

It only takes 30-seconds to email your MP on this.



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