Fr J Zuhlsdorf

Fr John Zuhlsdorf

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf blogs — I asked for permission to post this.   A priest asks for prayers.

From a priest… my emphases:

Dear Reverend Father,

Thank you for all you do. It’s had an effect greater than we may know this side of the grave.  I’ve followed your blog for years, even secretly in the dark days of the gulag that was called a seminary.  From greater attendance to the sacraments, to trying – and failing – to learn the Traditional Mass, you have been a great influence for the good.

After years of abuse as a seminarian – mental, verbal, and much worse – I was ordained as the first local priest in nearly two decades to my diocese.  As a curate it has not been better. As the young-ish mad conservative that needed to be kept from ruining the diocese, obviously my pro-Catholic proclivities were scrupulously observed and punished.

To some consternation after only a very few years of priesthood I have guided a fine young man to entering the seminary this September.  Thankfully, he is a far better man than I, and will by the grace of God be a better priest. Please God, the stain of my reputation will not cause him too much hardship.

God has also blessed many other initiatives richly.  The power of prayer and personal penance, however slight I can offer, must be remembered by priests. I can see the results, and thank God His mercies.

Natural attrition seems to be necessitating me becoming a pastor of a parish soon.  I am a very flawed man, but want to be a good priest of Jesus Christ and His Holy Church.  This parish, of a geographical size comparable to a medieval Irish kingdom, needs a great deal of love and God’s grace. I am deeply afraid, and yet filled with the hope that comes from trusting in the Lord.

This is very embarrassing – but St. Paul tells us to be fools for Christ’s sake.  I am begging, as all of us are beggars before God, for you to solicit prayers for my future parish.  After 50 years and more of abuse of all kinds, they are in nearly unimaginable need.  I am not the man for the job, but I am the only man to do the work. Please pray for this enormous but unremembered parish.

Be assured of my thanks, my prayers, my penance, and a Mass for your intentions.  Never hesitate to ask for my aid.


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