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VATICAN WATCH Francis on global warming as authoritative as condemnation of abortion : Pope Francis ~ Amoris Laetitia is 'the Magisterium of the Church' : Is Pope Francis against Fatima? Why is Fulton Sheen beatification postponed : Zanchetta, LGBT in Vienna Cathedral, Fulton Sheen : A Jesuit coup? HUMANAE VITAE Why Humanae Vitae is still right MARRIAGE & FAMILY LIFE Advent challenge : Relationships education program mired in controversy CHINA SUPPLEMENT Cdl. Zen: Francis is encouraging schism' by 'legitimizing' Communist-run church WORLD NEWS AUSTRIA Viganò condemns Cathedral concert as "blasphemous" : Lesbian "marriage" in Catholic Church : CANADA Young men ask bishop to teach traditional faith : CHILE Bishops side with Marxist protesters : UK Abortion protest : Doctors' group pushes for home-abortions : Church of England criticised for keeping silent on abortion pledges USA Answering Fr James Martin : Vatican interferes : Chick-fil-A emboldens LGBT mob : INTERNATIONAL The World Over : A few more headlines of the week : gloria.tv.news : Michel Voris NEWMAN Who is St John Henry Newman? BOOKS Hold on to your kids COMMENT FROM THE INTERNET Beyond "smells and bells" : Against "Candy-Ass" Christianity : Pining for the Latin Mass : Sedevacantism is modern Luciferianism . . . AND MORE . . . .


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