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VATICAN WATCH Viganò tells McCarrick: repent, for the sake of your soul : Laity challenge clergy to confront homosexual subculture : Burke: Fr. Martin 'not coherent' with Church teaching : Icon of a disastrous Papacy : Pope contradicts his 'mercy' saying it's better to be 'atheist' than hypocrite : The depth of homosexual infiltration in the Church highlighted : Freemasons thank Francis for his Christmas Message : Pope takes swipe at legacy of Pope Benedict HUMANAE VITAE Some quotes by Margaret Sanger that will probably make you sick CHINA SUPPLEMENT Francis appoints retired, liberal Marxist to Hong Kong EUROPE Europe has lost the Faith : European court rules against German home-schooling family NEWS FROM AROUND THE WORLD AUSTRIA Cathedral gallery features lesbians kissing on Church step : FRANCE The new Catholic 'far right' : GERMANY Priests call on Cardinal Marx to resign : IRELAND New pro-life political party making waves : PORTUGAL Fatima and Akita : SWITZERLAND Global petition asking bishops to stop homosexual networks : UK Over 100 Anglican clergy criticise their bishops' LGBTI guidance : Oxford students ousting of philosophy professor for 'homophobia' : USA March for Life: Trump promises to veto any abortion legislation : Cardinal Wuerl is denying denials, but doesn't lie : New York abortion bill could make being pro-life 'a crime' : INTERNATIONAL : Michael Voris : The World Over with Raymond Arroyo : Some headlines of the week NEWMAN A new nature CORRESPONDENCE Strong families : Commission for Countering Extremism, call for evidence EVENTS The Roman Forum : St Vincent de Paul Concert MEDIA Who's in charge now at L'Osservatore Romano? : Vatican News pays tribute to Cuba's brutal revolution, then deletes post BOOK REVIEW Abortion: The Mark of Dystopia COMMENT FROM THE INTERNET Should immoral priests be removed? : Teilhard de Chardin: Model of ambiguity for a future Pope : A shadow moves about the ruins : Creative Minority Report : An Everyman reflection on the revolution of Vatican II : An ancient Jewish prophet speaks to today's Catholic Church : Why the Red Pill Year should have preceded 2018 . . AND MORE . . .







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CHRISTIANITY is not a worldly invention, it is not even a collection of human mysteries. Christianity is the Truth, the Holy Word, the Inconceivable, sent to men by God Himself, the Almighty, the invisible Creator of the Universe . . . God will call to account the man who, once enlightened, does not testify in favour of the Truth. [St Justin Martyr, c.100-165]

TO HELP US advance along the path of human maturity, the Church teaches us to respect and foster the marvellous reality of the indissolube marriage between man and woman which is also the origin of the family. To recognise and assist this institution is one of the greatest services which can be rendered nowadays to the common good and to the authentic development of individuals and societies, as well as the best means of ensuring the dignity, equality and true freedom of the human person. This being the case, I want to stress the importance and the positive role which the Church's various family associations are playing in support of marriage and the family [Pope Benedict XVI]




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